AutoMind is a new app which allows users to browse and select information from structured data sources. This information is then automatically transformed into a mind map showing the relationships between the selected data elements. Now available on the App Store.
The mind maps have clickable nodes and can be further explored. This makes them a compact and easy to understand way to arrange the core information about a subject.
These maps can be exported in various formats so that they can be used as a core starting points for projects and presentations. The OPML export can be used in many popular outlining tools, whereas RTF can be opened by any text processing application. These can easily be used as the basis of presentations or essays. The HTML export allows the embedding and further browsing of the mind map in any web browser.

Here is an example about Jaguar Cars. (You can scroll the window to see the whole map).
(Mind map in a new window).

And another one about the Van Gogh Museum, showing the use of images to good effect.
(Mind map in a new window).

You can export to OPML and open in your favourite outliner application.


Finally you can export in RTF to use as the basis of documents and presentations.

Pasted Graphic