A Tribute to My Father

June 13, 1936 - Feb 1, 2011


This article appeared in “The Weekend Australian”, March 12

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Tribute from the International Weightlifting Federation,

and around the World

And his final resting place.

St. Istvan’s Basilica, Budapest

The last photo of Gyozo “Victor” Veres. Appeared in a recent book about Hungarian Olympians

The once Mighty Hungarians.

Gyozo at the helm

He was a real life hero who battled against pettiness, corruption and ignorance all his life.

He lost.

We all failed him.

Now the emptiness is all consuming.

Veres Győző


First Hungarian

Weightlifting World Champion

1936 - 2011

Veres was for several years pound for pound the greatest lifter in the world.

        Jim DeCoste, Weightlifting historian